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Work out the best solar system for you
Use our online tool to find out

At Optimum Solar, we use world-class analytics to help you make the best solar decision for your home. Our free to use, online tool will help you understand how solar could work for you.

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How does it work?

From our years in the industry, we've found that there are currently two main problems with buying domestic solar panel systems in the UK:

  1. Customers are not able to reliably find out how solar will work at their property

  2. Getting quotes for the best solar panel system is time-consuming and it's difficult to know if you are getting a good deal

So, we built Optimum Solar.


At Optimum Solar, we start by working with you to accurately design the best solar panel system for you. Our modelling is currently 96%+ accurate, so you know with confidence, how the system will perform.

Once we have worked out the right system for you, we then collect 3 different quotes. So no hassle for you, no endless calls from solar companies, and you know you are getting a great price for a great system.

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